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Don't waste time and money on boring overlays! Bring your live streams to a new dimension with our desktop app.
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Perform your next live stream from a 3D world and watch your chat explode with comments!

Stream directly from the Volta app or feed it into OBS.

Custom Max For Live

Create truly audio-reactive visuals. Connect your set in Ableton Live and map every little detail for an immersive live stream your fans won't forget!

Truly audio-reactive

Bring your mixed reality live stream to life from your bedroom, club, venue or studio. Select your preferred streaming platform for unique visual experiences like never before.

Volta in action

Ninajirachi, Twitch
Live stream
Dj Yoda Twitch stream
DJ Yoda, Twitch
Live stream
Imogen Heap, YouTube
Live stream
Richie Hawtin, Twitch
Live stream

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