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Volta  v17 is here

Updated on 29/05/23
  • Simplified UI with a focus on performance. Typography update (17.4)
  • A library of Play Packs: 3D venues to perform in and stream from. Each play pack contains a series of worlds to deliver an unforgettable performance.
  • Play Panel: A curated set of controls for each world, allowing you to customise the look and perform with them live.
  • Sign-in with Twitch
  • Audience interaction via the Volta Twitch Extension ( Watch our tutorial on YouTube to learn more)
  • Many bug fixes
  • More v16 import issues found and fixed (17.3)
  • Improved onboarding
  • Improved webcam / video capture support on Windows (17.4)
  • Fixes for audio sources with unexpected sample rates (17.4)
            Known Issues
            • Audio analysis only analyses the left-channel of audio
            • Macs may experience issues with red pixelated screens


            Max For Live

            Max for Live devices for Volta

            For Volta v17.3+
            Send MIDI, automation, and parameter data directly from Ableton Live using these Max for Live devices (requires Max for Live)
            Updated 4/05/23