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Volta  v18 is here

Updated on 20/09/23
  • FPS and CPU meters in the Top Nav, to give you a better idea of how Volta is running on your computer
  • More prominent toggle in the Top Nav to switch between Perform and Edit Mode
  • Added more tutorials during the Onboarding process, and on the Settings screens
  • State of Cameras Enabled Toggle, Camera Auto-Switch Toggle, and Camera Auto-Switch Time Interval for each World now saved in .volta files
  • Options to determine whether you start on the World or Cameras Tab when entering Edit Mode, and whether Cameras are Enabled or Disabled (you can change these in Settings > User Interface > Edit Mode Entry Settings )
  • Blend Outputs now offers transparency handling options for all blend modes. Existing worlds will need to add this afresh to get the new behaviour.
  • Many bug fixes
  • Addressed bugs around links getting lost when saving/loading worlds (thanks @bardielDJ and @chemical_connection on Discord)
  • Better handling of cases where there is no common sample rate for the Audio Input and Output devices (thanks @zoltak on Discord)
            Known Issues
            • Macs may experience issues with red-pixelated screens


            Max For Live

            Max for Live devices for Volta

            For Volta v17.3+
            Send MIDI, automation, and parameter data directly from Ableton Live using these Max for Live devices (requires Max for Live)
            Updated 4/05/23