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Volta v23 is here

Released 2nd May 2024
  • Autoswitch for Scenes
  • Improved Autoswitch for Cameras (multiple modes, and Beats as well as Seconds)
  • Interim values between Modifiers now visible
  • Transport controls and VU meter in Top Nav
  • Tap tempo and Phase Nudge buttons for easier beat matching with external audio
  • Prompt to save files as a copy if they were from an older version of Volta
  • Cmd/Ctrl-comma to open Settings
  • Cmd/Ctrl-[1-5] to open tabs
  • Floor and Ceiling modifiers now saving and loading their values correctly
  • Tempo only sending via Ableton Link when correctly enabled
  • Dolly tracks resetting when re-triggering camera via Trigger
  • Fix for offline notifications sometimes causing issues when loading Packs
Known Issues
  • Timing of world switching can be out by a couple of seconds
  • V-sync not respected on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060
  • Crash on quit on macOS
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Max For Live

Max for Live devices for Volta

For Volta v17.3+
Send MIDI, automation, and parameter data directly from Ableton Live using these Max for Live devices (requires Max for Live)
Updated 4/05/23