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Volta Create

Version 0.16

Updated on 14 December 2022

  • Better in-world lighting, fog, and reflections
  • World Browser Filters to easily find your favourite worlds
  • New improved Onboarding flow
  • Ability to resize Visual Sources
  • Certain older Macs no longer showing a black screen on start
  • Too many other bugs to list
Known Issues
  • Previous users may need to re-adjust the UI scale on first run. You can do this in Settings>General
  • Audio analysis tools only analyse the left-channel of audio
  • macOS: Delayed video playback on start and loop
  • macOS: Volta Create may crash when quitting. No data loss should occur when this happens
  • New M1 Mac owners: please update macOS. Monterey 12.0 causes issues.



Instructional PDF for Create

For Version 0.11
Updated 26 January 2022

Using Create with a DJM & Traktor

For Version 0.1
Updated 19 October 2021


Volta Max For Live Devices

Volta Max For Live Devices

For Version 0.9
Updated 16 November 2021
Volta RCam Mobile App (LiDAR)

VoltaRCam Mobile App (LiDAR)

For Version 0.9
Updated 25 May 2022

Upcoming plans for features and upgrades

We'd love to co-create the platform with you! Make sure to leave your feedback and suggestions on our Discord channel here

In progress

Camera control

Introducing new ways for you to curate your own camera angles for your streams and recordings

Enhanced updating

Automatic updates within Volta Create so that you have the latest features and creatives at your fingertips

Enhanced Creative

Build worlds from scratch, make combinations of Elements & Behaviours never seen before. Easily share your world and mix & match elements from any other world!

Improved DJ support

Creating new worlds and elements for DJ's

More DAW Support

Native support for Rekordbox, Serato, Logic and more

Fan Engagement

Allowing your fans to co-create with you as you perform and have an influence on the world. You’ll even be able to charge them directly for things like shout outs!


VR streaming

Introducing the ability to simultaneously stream your performances to our Oculus app at the same time as your 2D streams. Will include new ways for audiences to interact in VR with your performance

New onboarding flows

Enhanced ways for us to guide you through the creative process within Volta, including in-app product tours and a more comprehensive help centre

3D Asset upload

Ability to upload most 3D asset files (including CAD) to enable even more customisations and creativity

Direct MIDI enhancements

New features to help seamlessly link MIDI in Volta Create, including MIDI Learn mode

Community centre

We're excited to see and hear how you use our software and will be developing learnings into new features

UX enhancements and optimisation

We're excited to see and hear how you use our software and will be developing learnings into new features

Social Interaction

Helping fans join as groups of friends whom can communicate with one another, for a more engaging experience

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