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Volta  v20 is here

Updated on 16/01/24
  • In-App tutorials on a variety of topics from navigation to setting up streaming with user interactions
  • Modifiers for Controls. Toggles, Triggers, or Sliders can be modified in numerous ways, helping World creators produce more interesting content and audience interactions
  • MIDI CCs now appear in the Link Menu for Triggers (as well as Toggles and Sliders), and MIDI Notes now appear in the Link Menu for Toggles and Sliders (as well as Triggers)
  • Tagging and Filtering in the Play Pack browser
  • Options to determine whether you start on the World or Cameras Tab when entering Edit Mode, and whether Cameras are Enabled or Disabled (you can change these in Settings > User Interface > Edit Mode Entry Settings )
  • In-App Notification Bell for when updates to Volta are available
  • Many bug fixes
  • Audio Engine initialises to your previously selected Sample Rate, if there is one (but always initialises to 48k on the very first run)
            Known Issues
            • Worlds that have been created in V18 or earlier may load differently. If this happens, please let us know, ideally with screenshots of how it looks in V18
            • Some Twitch Audience Triggers not appearing on the Twitch stream
            • Hover/selection areas for various Elements don’t accurately reflect the shape of the Element
            • Occasional Pink Screen transitions on Mac


            Max For Live

            Max for Live devices for Volta

            For Volta v17.3+
            Send MIDI, automation, and parameter data directly from Ableton Live using these Max for Live devices (requires Max for Live)
            Updated 4/05/23