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Audio routing when using a DJ controller with Traktor

This tutorial is for Mac only - a Windows version is coming soon.



1. Install BlackHole (free) or Loopback (paid) to enable routing audio between applications on your Mac.

💡 The rest of this tutorial will assume you have BlackHole installed
💡 If you need to use multiple outputs in your music setup, for when example you want to listen music through your speakers while you want to output to Volta, you’ll need a Multi-Output Device. Here’s how to set it up for Mac with Blackhole

2. Plug in your DJ controller via USB and ensure that is working as expected already

3. Create an Aggregate Audio Device

💡 In order to be able to send the Main Output of Traktor to Volta while also being able to monitor the Cue Output of Traktor via the headphone jack of your DJ mixer, it is necessary to create an ‘Aggregate Audio Device’ on your MacAggregate Audio Devices are virtual audio devices which appear as another ‘soundcard’ in music software, but can actually be a combination of various other soundcards on your computer
  • Open the Audio MIDI Setup utility by either going to Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup or simply searching for Audio MIDI Setup in Spotlight (Cmd+Space)
  • If it’s not already open, open the Audio Devices view by either going to Window > Show Audio Devices or pressing Cmd+1
  • Click the + icon on the bottom-left corner and click Create Aggregate Device
  • In the main section on the right, check the Use boxes for both your DJ controller and BlackHole 2ch
  • Double-click where it says Aggregate Device on the left panel and rename it to something more descriptive (e.g. DDJ-RB and BH 2ch)
  • In the end, it should look like this:

In Traktor

1. Go to Settings > Audio Setup

2. Select your newly created Aggregate Audio Device from the Audio Device dropdown

3. Go to the Output Routing panel in Settings

4. Select the channels which correspond to the master output of your DJ controller (e.g. channels 0+1) for the Output Master

5. Select the channels which correspond to the headphone output (e.g. channels 2+3) for the Output Monitor

6. Select the channels which correspond to the BlackHole channels (e.g. channels 4+5) for the Output Record

7. Check the main and headphone outputs of your DJ controller are working as expected

In Volta

1. Go to Settings > Audio

2. Select BlackHole 2ch from the Input Device dropdown


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