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Charge Bits for Audience Interactions on Twitch

If you are part of the Twitch Affiliate or Partner Programs, you can charge Bits for Audience Interactions in Volta. Here’s how:

1. First, follow this tutorial to install and configure the Twitch Extension

2. If you are part of the Twitch Affiliate or Partner Programs, you will be able to choose an amount of Bits to charge the audience when they perform this interaction via the Twitch Extension. Just by clicking on the amount you want to charge when mapping controls on your Control Panel.

Earning Revenue from Bits in Extensions

When your viewers perform and confirm an action that requires Bits within the Extension on your channel page, you’ll earn 80% of 1 U.S. cent per Bit used and the remaining 20% is shared with the Extension developer. The Bits in Extensions program, including revenue share, may be adjusted from time to time or deprecated by Twitch in its sole discretion.

You can track your Extensions Revenue via your Earnings Analytics under the Extensions category. Revenue generated through an Extension will not be included in the Bits category.



What platforms does Volta support for Audience Interactions?

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