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Set up cameras to bring yourself into Volta

Integrated webcams or cameras connected with cable

This tutorial works for:

  • Integrated cameras
  • Webcams connected by cable
  • Phone or Tablet Cameras connected by cable

If you have an integrated webcam or a camera connected already to your computer through USB or Lightning cable, this should be showing inside the Dropdown Menu of Settings>Camera and you can select it from there. If your camera is not showing, please try first to see if the camera can be used inside of other software such as OBS or Google Meets for example. If your camera is still not showing, please contact us to help you.

⚠️ On Windows machines, your camera can only be utilised by one software application at a time. Therefore, if you intend to use your camera, ensure that it is not in use by any other programs.

Use DSLR Cameras as a Webcam

This tutorial works for:

  • DSLR or other types of cameras Cameras that don’t connect through USB or Lighting cable

Volta cannot get any HDMI input or recognise any DSLR cameras, but with the help of a third party App you can get your DSLR in Volta. For every DSLR camera manufacturer and depending on your OS, there are different plugins that you can install and do to be able to use such cameras as a webcam for Volta. We suggest you this tutorial but there are much many more. We suggest you using XSplit App for Mac.

How to set multiple cameras

If you want to add more cameras into your Volta World to for example, show a close up from your gear and show yourself too, follow this tutorial.


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