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Add an image, video, or a second camera to your visuals

If you want to personalise your Play Pack on Volta adding your logo, any image, video or a second camera, here’s how:

1. Pick the Play Pack you want to customise

2. Click on the Edit Button on the Top Nav Bar to change to Edit Mode.

3. On Edit Mode, click on the World tab in the top-left corner

4. Click one of the empty + icons on the bottom-left grid to open the Visual Sources Browser

>> Option A: For adding a second camera

4.A.1. Select a Webcam Visual Source (in the Video Routing category) and click ‘add visual source’.

4.A.2. Inside the new Visual Source you just added, select your second webcam from the dropdown in the Inspector on the right-hand side. Adjust the Resolution if needed.

>> Option B: For adding an image (e.g. your logo) or video

4.B.1. Add a Single Image or Single Video Visual Source (in the Local Media category) depending on which you would like to add, and click ‘add visual source’.

4.B.2. Select your image or video using the file-picker in the Inspector on the right-hand side. Adjust the resolution if needed.

5. Click + Add in the top-left corner to open the Element Browser

6. Add a Surface Element from the Element Browser.

💡 There are other elements which you can add your visual sources to, but we’re doing this as an example. Not all visual sources can be added visual sources to.

7. Click the + icon in the Texture box of the Inspector on the right-hand side of the screen and select your second Webcam or Image from the dropdown.

💡 On other elements, "Texture" can have another name such as "Visual Source", "Channel" or "Base"

8. Position the Surface element using the X, Y, and Z properties in the Move section from the Transform controls inside the Inspector (right side of screen). You can adjust this by typing in the desired number, by dragging with your mouse on the “X”, “Y” or “Z” labels of the controls, or even by dragging the element directly on the 3D view around (by selecting the element first).

💡 You may need to disable the Performance Camera system in order to see the Element you are positioning. In order to do so, click Cameras in the top-left and then the Enable Cameras toggle on the bottom-left.

9. If the Play Pack you are editing has multiple Worlds, repeat the above process for each World in the Play Pack. You can switch Worlds from the drawer at the top of the screen

10. Save your edited Play Pack from the central menu on the top bar

11. Click Back to Perform Mode to exit Edit Mode


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