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Stream to Facebook and Instagram

⚠️ Volta exclusively supports streaming to platforms utilising the rtmp:// protocol. However, platforms like Facebook Live and Instagram Live Producer currently operate on the rtmps:// protocol. Consequently, you must route Volta's visual output to an external streaming software such as OBS or Streamlabs and use that software to broadcast to Facebook Live.

1. First, follow this Tutorial on how to share output from Volta to OBS, Streamlabs, or any broadcasting software.

2. Navigate to Settings > Stream in OBS.

3. From the Service dropdown, choose Facebook Live; for Instagram, select Custom.

4.1 For Facebook Live, input your Stream Key (obtainable by clicking "Get Stream Key" in OBS).

4.2 For Instagram Live Producer, follow this tutorial to acquire your Stream Key and URL.

⚠️ To stream on Instagram, Instagram Live Producer is necessary. However, not all accounts currently have access. Check your access following  this guide.
⚠️ A professional Instagram account is required for streaming on Instagram. Convert your regular account in your Instagram Account Settings.
💡 If Instagram Live Producer is unavailable, consider third-party apps like YellowDuck and Stream On as alternatives. However, note that these apps may not always be reliable.

5. Click Start Streaming within OBS.


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