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Audio Routing from external instruments and microphones

In order to get audio into Volta from instruments, external microphones, and other audio sources such as turntables, you will need an external soundcard plugged into your computer. There are many available on the market, each with different capabilities (number of inputs, USB-C vs Thunderbolt etc.), so choose one that suits your need and budget.

Once you have your soundcard plugged into your computer, and your instruments or microphone plugged into your soundcard, follow these steps to get the audio coming into Volta:

1. In Volta, click the Settings cog in the top-right corner and click on Audio

2. Select your soundcard from the Audio Input Device dropdown

Advanced: Sample Rates and Audio Channels

Open the Advanced Audio Settings to change the Sample Rate (e.g. to match the sample rate of other software on your computer) or audio channels (if you are using channels other than 1&2 on your Audio Input Device)

💡 In order to stream directly within Volta, you must be using a sample rate of either 44100 or 48000. If your selected audio device does not support one of these sample rates, you will still be able to route your audio into Volta to make your visuals audio-reactive, but you will not be able to stream


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