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Synchronise visuals to the tempo

Syncing visuals to the tempo makes them look much more responsive to the music. Here’s how to do it:

1. Set your tempo manually in Settings > Audio > Tempo or with Ableton Link following this tutorial. Now, you can start mapping your visuals to the tempo in the next steps.

2. Click Edit in the Top Navigation bar to access ‘Edit Mode’

3. In Edit Mode, navigate to the Scene Tab

4. Select any Element, Visual source or Global effect you want to map from the List at the left.

5. Right-click on the parameter you want to map at the Inspector on the right side of the screen. A dropdown menu will open.

6. Select 'Link to' from the Menu, then 'Link' and select 'Tempo'.

7. Now play some music and see how it’s affected by Tempo.


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