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Tips and tricks to make Volta perform better

Volta is a real-time renderer, that makes the visuals look natural while reacting on real time to your music, and that’s why it’s very heavy on machines. But these tips and tricks may help you to improve the performance:

1. Check that your machine meets the min specs required. Check them on the Download page or in the FAQs

2. Adjust the FPS (Frames per second) inside of your settings. For that, go to Settings>Stream & Record>Frames per second and adjust it to 30.

3. Close all apps that you don’t need at the moment of using Volta.

💡 Simultaneously recording and streaming can be demanding for machines with lower specifications.

4. Try out moving the Audio Sensitivity slider down to 0 on your Control Panel. This will make the visuals not audio-reactive, but you will be able to use Volta meanwhile.

5. An obvious one, but try restarting your computer, that sometimes helps a lot!

6. Check your Output Resolution on the Stream & Record Settings, if it’s too big, that may slow your computer down

7. Resize your Volta Window, if it’s too big, that may slow your computer down

8. If you’re using a Laptop, plug it to the electricity. Plugging in your laptop provides a stable power source which allows it to draw more power and perform at a higher level. When running on battery, laptops often conserve power by limiting the performance of the processor and other components.

9. Simultaneously recording and streaming can consume a significant amount of memory. Whenever possible, consider performing these tasks individually to optimize system resources.

10. The "Fit to Scale" screen mode is initially activated by default. However, if you happen to deactivate it and then re-enable it, it could enhance performance by rendering only the essential screen area.

Advanced options

If you’re still struggling, and you are ok with doing more advanced stuff, here are some more options you can try out.

1. Go to Edit Mode through the Top Bar Toggle at the right, click on 'Edit', and try out the following steps.

2. Delete or turn off elements that may be adding unnecessary complexity to your visuals

3. Delete Global effects that may be adding unnecessary complexity to your visuals

4. Replace visual sources that are complex shaders or videos for something more simple like a colour or an static image. Just remember, if you delete visual sources, you may want to assign new visual sources to the elements that have no visual source anymore.

If you still struggle with performance problems, it may be that the problem is actually a bug. Please report it so that we can make Volta better for you! These are different ways how can you report a bug:


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