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Control Volta via MIDI

Volta MIDI data from other applications and hardware, and use it to control the visuals in your Play Pack. Here’s how to set it up:


1. To use your MIDI device, connect it to your computer.

2. Activate learning mode by pressing Shift and clicking with your mouse on any control in the Play Panel.

3. Move any control on your MIDI device (physical knob, button, slider etc.) you wish to use to control your Play Pack. This also will help to show your device inside of Volta

4. You can now move any control on your MIDI device that you want to link.

5. Alternatively, you can also right-click on a control in the Play Panel of Volta and under this option 🎹 a menu will open which shows different parameters to link from your device. This way is better when your MIDI device is listed in the Dropdown Menu of the MIDI Settings.

 💡 You can connect buttons in the PlayPanel to the buttons on your MIDI device, and you can connect sliders in the PlayPanel to the sliders on your MIDI device.


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